Skin rejuvenation: skin treatment that uses intense pulsed light that reduce dark spot and reduce all the traces left after burn, shaving or pimples. As well it treats the dark circles, and regenerates the collagen for the entire body. 3 to 4 sessions is enough to treat the area desired.
Fees: $80/session $200/3 sessions
Duration: 20 min
Hair Removal: no need for razors, wax, electrolysis, laser, just use our IPL 3rd generation with no pain, no pigmentation and get rid of hair for life. After each session the hair will decrease from 30% to 40%, thus 3 to 6 sessions is enough to remove your hair. A distance of one month and half is a must in order to target the hair growth phases. Our process is:
Avoid sun exposure or solarium 2 days before the session and 2 days after the session. Stop waxing, twister or thread before one month and half, then shave and visit our Institute. Our nurse will welcome you and chose the appropriate program for you.