Body Care

BMA: measure the percentage of water, muscle and fat in each part of your body
Fees: $ 30
Duration: 15 min
Diet: lose 4 to 6 kilos monthly in a healthy way, it is not a punishment it is only a way of healthy life style
Fees: $ 50
Duration: 45 min
Pr Cell 5: endermology Swiss technique with infra-red that shrink the cellulite and increase the lymph and blood circulation, radio frequency that stimulates the elastin and fight skin looseness and mesotherapy cream that burn the hard fat. A package of 10 sessions done twice a week will help you lose minimum 1 size and give you back a soft skin free of old and hard cellulite, fat, shape your body and tight your skin
Fees: $120/session $1000/ 10 sessions
Duration: 1h15 min
Pr Cell 2: reshape your body and eliminate cellulite and toxins in order to lose one size. A package of 10 sessions of palper rouler technique works on all over the body for 10 minutes and concentrate for 35 minutes on cellulite area, it increases the lymph circulation and eliminates your cellulite forever.
Fees: $50/session $450/ 10 sessions
Duration: 45 min
Body system: electric stimulation and infra-red plaques to decrease cellulite and fat, water retention and improve the body lymphatic drainage from abdomen, thigh, buttocks, arms and back.
Fees: $35/ 1 part $300/ 10 sessions
Duration: 30 min
Fees: $50/ 2 parts $500 /10 sessoins
Duration: 1h


Cavitation: ultra sound system removes 3 to 5 cm of localized excess fat from one of each part: abdomen, flank, thighs, hips, back and arms. Stop eating, chewing and Drink 1 liter of water before 1.5 hours of the treatment, fat will never be relocated, It will be drained and released by urine
Manual: our specialist dietician is ready to perform the manual session once per week
Fees: $100
Duration: 1h30 min

Plates: 6 electrodes will double the effect of manual treatment, profit from the same technique and perform another session after 3 days from the manual session

Fees: $80
Breast slimming: eliminates excess fat, reduce your contour naturally by 1 size with the electrical pads in 10 sessions, 2 to 3 times per week
Fees: $40/ session 300$/10 sessions
Duration: 30 min
Weight control: acupuncture without needles works under the infra red light helps you to lose 5 kg and stop snacking. The positive energy will increase 30% to 40 % in each session. 5 sessions will give a definitive and successful result
Fees: $25/ session $100/ 5 sessions
Duration: 15 min
tighten your muscles and reduce limpness from arms, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. 10 Sessions should be done 2 to 3 times per week, in order to boost the treatment and enjoy a best result
Fees: $30 per session $250 for 10 sessions
Duration: 30 min
Fees: $50 per session $400 for 10 sessions
Duration: 1h
Breast Lifting: lift up your breast in a natural way by using advance technique with electro stimulation in 10 sessions for 2 to 3 times per week
Fees: $60 per session
Duration: 40 min
Fees: $300 for 10 sessions
  Karlovy vary:
lose 1 size in one week with our combined slimming and reshaping treatment. Spend 3 hours on a daily basis, and start from A to Z, release fat, reduce cellulite, shape your contour and get the magic results Fees: $1000 instead of $1400 Duration: 6 days
Fees: $1000 instead of $1400
Duration: 6 days