Our Philosophy

Self-enhancement and regeneration takes self-knowledge and confidence.In addition to confidence in yourself, you need to trust  the institution and the professionals in whose hands you place yoursef.
You are looking for great experience, knowledge, honesty and above all artistry. You want to be served by  qualified and skilled people who can capture your vision, and know exactly how to accomplish it.
You must also feel secure and comfortable in your surroundings.

At Jane Nassar Institute , we do all of that , everyday and for every guest  Jane Nassar Institute offers many reasons to visit and surrender yourself to the caring hands of our professionals with. endless  supply of the latest techniques and procedures


About Us

Jane Nassar’s beauty experience began 25 years ago in Paris, France, where she studied and worked in the most renowned beauty institutes in the world. In France, Jane became an expert in the latest techniques of skin rejuvenation, face and body treatments, as well as other treatments incorporating the latest technology in the field.
10 years later, Jane came back to Lebanon and opened her very own institute, whose fame skyrocketed immediately due to the excellence and quality of her work. However, Jane’s outstanding reputation was also thanks to her introduction of the IPL 3rd Generation hair-removal technology and the face lifting by electrical pulses technique to the Lebanese scene. Jane further expanded the institute to include helping smokers quit smoking, answering ladies’ needs by the advanced concept of Body firming, slimming & reshaping. Jane continues to seek the best beauty and rejuvenation techniques and technologies to make sure you’re always at your youngest and most beautiful self.